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Welcome to
Partners in Education Abbotsford

What is Partners in Education?

Partners in Education is Abbotsford's newest civic party with a growing membership of concerned electors dedicated to ensuring that the 2022 - 2026 Abbotsford School board is comprised of candidates that will respect parents as equal partners in the education of their children.


Why "Partners"?

Partners in Education believes that every child is unique and therefore those who know them best (i.e. their primary caregivers/parents) should be equal partners in the education process. Schools and teachers provide the best foundation for children when they view their work as complementary to that of parents rather than as supplementary.


Partners in Education values the input and collaboration with parents/guardians above all else. We also deeply value collaboration with the community as a whole and transparency in the education process. We envision a truly democratic public school system where the power rests with the will of the people and excellence in education is the primary motivation.


Your Candidates

Jared White

Jared White-12.21-027.jpg

My name is Jared White, and I am running to be a School Trustee in the upcoming Abbotsford municipal election. As an Abbotsford local, I have experienced the public school system from many angles and I firmly believe that a healthy public school system is vital for our communities and our children. 

I am running under a "Partners in Education" banner because I want to make children my number one priority by making those who love and care for them equal partners in the education process. I will bring innovation, strong leadership skills, and the ability to work honestly and collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure every student has the best possible learning experience.


If you believe it’s time for a change, please vote for Jared White and Partners in Education Abbotsford on election day.

Mike Rauch


My name is Mike Rauch and I am running in the October 2022 municipal elections as a candidate for School Trustee on the Abbotsford Board of Education. I am a community-minded leader with a background in engineering and business who advocates for educational opportunitiesopenness, and informed strategic planning. I value teamwork and excellence in a learning culture.


I believe our students need equitable access to programs that inspire and encourage today's diverse learners.  Our students also need excellent neighborhood schools that provide supportive, inclusive opportunities. Students thrive when education meets passion and belonging.


If you believe it’s time for a change, please vote for Mike Rauch and Partners in Education Abbotsford on election day.

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